At Buck’s Security we pride ourselves on our through property security surveys which are completely free of charge. Our security experts will carry out a comprehensive survey of both residential and commercial properties taking into account the client and any personal assets.

During the survey process one of our experts will attended your property and carry out a security assessment. This will include what security measures are currently in situ and recommend improvements if any.

Intruder Alarm Systems

84% of burglars avoid properties with
an intruder alarm

As high tech and expensive electrical equipment such as iPads and flat screen TVs become more widespread throughout the country it is inevitable that criminals will look to target unsecured properties in the hope of getting their hands on them. Bucks Security are SSAIB approved contractors and provide high quality wired and wireless alarm systems to both domestic and commercial sectors, and given the British Insurance Association’s claim that properties without burglar alarms are six to seven times more likely to be targeted than protected properties, it is clear that you really can’t afford not to implement effective home security measures.

  • Fully wired systems most suitable for complete refurbishments, offices and new builds
  • Wireless systems most suitable for where complete wiring of an alarm system is not practical
  • Hybrid systems where a combination of wired and wireless hardware is used
  • App compatible control panels allowing real time information and set/unset facility
  • Fully monitored alarms with police response to give you complete peace of mind provided by EMCS
  • Full range of maintenance contracts available for existing alarms and new contracts


At Bucks Security we offer a complete range of CCTV systems, which provide extensive levels of security for the home and business environment. We can supply, install and maintain anything from a single camera to complex multi level systems, including PTZ cameras with video transmission.

In combination with our fencing and perimeter security systems we are able to provide a complete security solution to suit any budget and location. We have a team of experienced engineers who will provide free, no obligation advice to ensure that the system we supply matches your requirements exactly. All of our CCTV systems use high resolution HD technology to ensure the images recorded are of sufficient quality to use in any related prosecution. This gives you the assurance and confidence that your investment will be returned should any criminal activity be observed, as your recordings can be used as evidence in any subsequent court case.

CCTV is a proven cost effective way of protecting your property. Just by being installed and visible, CCTV acts as an excellent deterrent to crime. It can also be used to protect your property or business from any internal offence. We have a range of solutions and options for setting up your CCTV system. Typical installations can be as simple as a digital video recorder and two cameras.

24 Hour Monitoring

All our intruder alarms can be covered by 24 Hour Monitoring. Your alarm system would be connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre, which constantly monitors the security and safety of your premises.
When a monitored alarm at your home or business is activated, the signal is received at the Alarm Receiving Centre within seconds, generating a pre-agreed response. Normally this means verifying the authenticity of the alarm, before notifying the appropriate emergency service and contacting nominated key holders.
Monitored systems with police response
Bucks Security installs quality monitored alarm systems that provide 24-hour response if your alarm is activated. Monitored burglar alarms are linked digitally to skilled operators in a central monitoring station 24 hours a day. If your alarm is triggered, these operators determine if the signals sent from the alarm are genuine or a false. A confirmed alarm signal will bring police response.

There’s a monitoring option for most budgets, including:-
• Digicom – A digital communicator that uses the telephone network to contact the monitoring station and is the most economic option.
• Dualcom – A GSM (mobile SIM card) and landline communicate with the central monitoring station, offering double security in the event of line attack.
• BT RedCARE – For a higher level of security, BT RedCARE continuously monitors the telephone line to check it is intact.

With our sister company Lectrical Solutions Ltd we are able to provide a full scope of electrical services we have a team of highly skilled and experienced electricians situated in Buckinghamsire.

All engineers city and guilds qualified and CRB checked ready to assist you in your project, whether its in the domestic, commercial or industrial sectors.

Access Control Systems

At Bucks Security we install, monitor and maintain all types of access control systems. From standalone coded keypads and fob reader units to fully integrated video network systems, controlling numerous doors. we will be able to provide a system tailored to suit your requirements. We also can provide systems which allow remote control of your access control system from anywhere in the world.

Typical private residential systems include keypads and handheld remote key fobs to operate security gates. Typical commercial installations include swipe cards for any number of employees controlling entry and exit gates with different levels of security, allowing some employees access to higher security areas.

We can integrate with existing systems to provide added functionality, as well as make repairs or fix faults. Our aim is to provide you with the complete solution to all of your access control and security needs. We have a team of experienced and dedicated engineers able to offer advice and suggestions to create a system to suit your budget and requirements.

Audio Door Entry Systems

  • Audio door entry systems consist of a keypad on the outside of a property, with buttons on it that communicate with a handset within the property.
  • The user on the inside can then communicate with the visitor using the microphones and speakers in the keypad and handset.
  • A button on the handset enables the user to remotely unlock the door and let the visitor gain entry into the property.

Video Entry

For additional security, video entry for your home or workplace helps protect you from unwanted visitors. It allows you to screen visitors visually before admitting them or answering the door. It enables you to turn away unwanted callers before they enter your premises.

  • Video door entry systems work on the same principle as audio entry systems, with a keypad on the outside and a handset on the inside.
  • However they have the bonus of having a camera on the keypad and a screen integrated into the handset.
  • This gives the person inside two chances to identify the visitor. Should just audio not be sufficient, the camera footage provides another opportunity to identify them.

Fire Safety Alarms

Why Choose Us?

  • 24 Hour Support & Response
  • Routine Maintenance Inspections
  • Fully Qualified Local Engineers
  • Panic Buttons & Fire Detection
  • Over 10 Years’ Experience

It’s no secret that smoke detectors save lives, and having a fully working smoke alarm in your home or place of business is essential to the on-going safety of its inhabitants. The expert engineers at Bucks security are on hand to provide supply and fitting of all smoke detection systems, ensuring that your premises remains protected. Bucks Security will identify the required system for your premises. Manual fire detection, detected by people, may be all that is required. Normally however the commercial buildings necessitate the need for an automatic fire detection and fire alarm system

We stock a wide range to suit all budgets, and aim to beat any genuine like-for-like quote from other  companies. Plus, contracted customers are entitled to 24-hour emergency service as well as full replacement parts and labour cover with a comprehensive maintenance agreement.